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Intense Extensions are uniquely made with love. I hand dye each custom piece, hand sew and glue on each clip, tie each ribbon around every order and stick each adorable cupcake sticker on the packaging your order arrives in. I absolutely love what I do and I care more about your product and my company then I can expect anyone else to, so I do all the work by myself. If you have absolutely any custom needs please let me know, I'm always looking forward to new concepts, color combinations and styles.

My work with Intense Extensions is never at a stand still, I work hard and learn everyday to provide new dye styles, better quality products, provide easy to apply, stylish and fun style worldwide, one customer at a time. I absolutely love all I make and am more then willing to create the custom set you truly desire that is as unique as you are. I hope to hear from you soon and give you the unique Intense Extensions experience I am known for.
Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon!
Love, Ariella Ann

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I do ALL custom work, please email inquiries and images for color matching to
@euphoriaac, Santina W. and Nicole W. ‘s dyes! #intenseextensions #semipermanent #custom #hairdye (Taken with Instagram)

@euphoriaac, Santina W. and Nicole W. ‘s dyes! #intenseextensions #semipermanent #custom #hairdye (Taken with Instagram)